Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cool Steals and Deals Online

Cool Steals and Deals Online

Cool Steals and Deals Online is one of the most comprehensive shopping sites that I have ever seen. The fact that it is a blog and not a website is even more mind boggling. It is obvious from the content on the blog that this blog owner puts in a lot of time searching out great deals. Honestly, I have no idea how the owner finds these great deals but it is obvious that she has the knack to "fish 'em out" as she states on her blog.

It not only has great deals and I am serious when I say that they are great deals, Cool Steals and Deals Online also offers a whole seperate blog page just for coupon codes, which are hot in the online retail world.

Watch out Brad's Deals, it looks like Cool Steals and Deals Online is here to stay and offers some unique niche shopping deals in the crowded and ultra competitive online retail world.

My rating for this site: 5 Nyuks :)


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