Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Success From The Nest

Success From The Nest

My wife brought Success From The Nest to my attention and I'm glad that she did. Success From The Nest is a place for home-based entrepreneurs to hang out, get some great information, share a laugh and share their experiences, trials and tribulations. It's almost like an online Cheers, without the beer. :(

I really like the writing style of the authour of Success From The Nest. It's very down to earth with a good dose of common sense and humor mixed in. If you are a home-based entrepreneur or want to be one, Success From The Nest is a good starting point and well worth book marking. Bravo, I really like your site!

My rating for this site - 5 nyuks :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Credit Card Processing 101

Credit Card Processing 101, An Insider's Report

OK, I'll be right up front about Credit Card Processing 101, An Insider's Report. This is my site and this is a totally self serving pimpage of my site.

However, if you own your own business or are about to open your own business and either take credit cards now or plan to take credit cards, then you owe it to yourself to look over my site.

Am I selling something? Yup. I was in the bank card business for fifteen years and I put all of my experience, know how and things that the processors don't want you to know into a report. And I'm selling the report.

Wanna know the price of the report? Seven bucks. That's it. If you fall into one of the categories I mentioned in the first paragraph, I'll save you that much in your first month of processing after reading my report.

Don't just read it though. USE IT! It took me nearly a week to condense fifteen years of information that the processors don't want you to know into that report. Give yourself an even playing field with the big boys. Use the information that I have given you in that report to your advantage.

My rating for this site: Ummm, what do you think? 5 nyuks :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

tomawesome's infosnacks

tomawesome's infosnacks

The author of tomawesome's infosnacks took me up on my offer to Ruminate his site. And I'm glad that he did. Reading through tomawesome's infosnacks is like sitting next to your grandfather, sipping lemonade on warm summer afternoon, listening to cherished stories of his past.

Part funny, part informational, part historical tomawesome's infosnacks is a plethora of, as its name implies infosnacks. The author knows that in this day of sound bites and newscrawls, where apparently not many people have the time to sit down and read a book, he presents us with little snippets of info in a fun sort of way.

I hightly recommend bookmarking tomawesome's infosnacks and give it a good read from time to time, you'll thank me for it.

My rating for this site - 5 nyuks :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

8 Wishes

8 Wishes

My wife brought 8 Wishes to my attention and it is a site that needs a well deserved shout out in a major way. A man by the name of Paul Sanchez set out on a 10,000 mile bicycle journey and 8 Wishes to help children with dyslexia and learning differences. His 8 wishes all tied into raising money for scholarships for children with dyslexia and learning differences.

This is such a worthwhile cause and he has worked so hard and he needs a bunch of help from us. There are three ways that you can help:

1. Make a monetary donation called "chipping in". (My wife already did via PayPal, it's very easy)
2. Spread the word about his blog and myspace page.
3. Write to the people listed below.

Here are his eight wishes:

  • 1. Raise $1 million dollars. All proceeds will be donated to the Dyslexia Awareness Resource Center (DARC) and the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA). So far he has raised only $4,500, so he really needs your help.

  • 2. 100 million views of the 10,000 Miles and 8 Wishes video. Generate the greatest amount of visibility with minimal funding.
  • 3. Be interviewed by Oprah. She has the power and the audience to make a real difference. Here is another way that you can help. Please write to the Oprah show and send her the links to his blog and myspace page. Here is the link to email the producers of her show:

    Secondly, I have started a group on Oprah's message board. I have to wait for approval and activation. But once it is approved, I will post the link here. Please post in it for Oprah to interview Paul on her show.

  • 4. Interview Paul Orfelea, founder of Kinkos with dyslexia.
  • DONE! :)

  • 5. Interview Sir. Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin with dyslexia. You can help by getting the message to Sir Richard Branson. Here is the link to contact him
  • 6. Interview Charles Schwab, who also has dyslexia. You can also help by contacting Mr. Schwab using this email address:

  • 7. Be on 88 blogs and websites. Together, we can prove the power of the internet and social media.
  • DONE! :)

  • 8. All in 88 days! I want to keep this fun and exciting, while creating a sense of urgency surrounding this issue. The deadline is March 8, 2007, so we need to get moving people.

  • Please view his video on his page. If you aren't moved by his dedication, then check to see if you have a pulse. If you can't afford to "chip in", then please write to Oprah, Sir Richard Branson and Charles Schwab.

    About Paul Sanchez

    Paul Sanchez, age 30, has suffered from dyslexia and ADD his entire life. In second grade, he tested positively for a learning disability but results were not strong enough to be placed in a special learning faciltity. Therefore, he was put in a regular schooling, where he “suffered through nearly 18 years at California public schools.

    After attending numerous city colleges, Paul finally tested positive for dyslexia and ADD at Santa Barbara City College. Under a program that provided much needed assistance, Paul was able to earn his Associates Degree from the College in 2004 at age 28.

    Following graduation, he set out on his mission to create a documentary about dyslexia and learning differences and the struggles of children around the country. From July 7, 2004 to February 2, 2005, Paul completed a 10,000 mile bike ride around the perimeter of the country. During this trip, he met 13 children with dyslexia or learning differences in 13 different major cities. He is now living in Santa Barbara, CA working to promote and raise funding for his documentary, Soloride, through the 8 Wishes initiative.

    My rating for this site - 8 nyuks (on a scale of 1-5) :)

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Earth To Dave

    Earth To Dave

    I came across Earth To Dave, quite by accident. He sent me an email wishing my wife and myself a happy Anniversay (see post below). So I decided to check out his site and found it funny enough for me to review.

    His site is one of those irreverant, self-depreciating sites that makes you laugh despite yourself. He tells us of his "gypsy" childhood in a freak show and despite his less than advantageous station in life, he has achieved quite a bit. His is a licensed pilot and runs a non-profit organization called On Wings of Eagles Foundation

    But I digress, his Earth To Dave (I think there is a double entendre in there, but I'm not sure) site is a hoot and is well worth a look to start your day off with a chuckle. It's all PG rated material that is worth bookmarking. Give him a look see, I guarantee you a laugh or two.

    My rating for this site - 5 nyuks :)

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Happy Anniversary

    I'm taking a quick break from ruminating about sites to ruminate about tomorrow. Tomorrow my wife and I will celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary. Tomorrow is also Superbowl XLI. So what's a good husband to do? I am into football in a rather large fashion. My better half is not.

    Sensibilities tell me to do whatever my bride wants. If I've leaned anything in 18 years of marriage it is that "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". But she does like to watch the Supe commercials, so there is hope! :)

    Happy Anniversary My Angel.

    Wednesday, January 31, 2007

    Making Money On The Web

    How To Make Money On The Web

    Making Money On The Web is not at all what I thought it would be. What it isn't is another of one of those sites that has all the answers on how to get optimized, how to get a million hits a day or how to figure out the Google adsense algorithm so that you can get a top ranking.

    Quite to the contrary I was pleasantly surprised to find out Making Money On The Web actually has nuts and bolts information on how you can make money by actually working for it! The author, Johnny Cash (gotta love that name) lists a ton of good information on the "how to" for folks that want to write for other blogs and sites and other blog traffic related information. All in all an excellent compendium of material for people who want to make money in a way either other than adsense or in additon to adsense. Not that there is anything wrong with adsense. Hell, I have adsense on this blog. It's just another weapon for your overall iternet arsenal. Excellent job, Johnny Cash.

    My rating for this site - 5 Cashew Nyuks :)