Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Earth To Dave

Earth To Dave

I came across Earth To Dave, quite by accident. He sent me an email wishing my wife and myself a happy Anniversay (see post below). So I decided to check out his site and found it funny enough for me to review.

His site is one of those irreverant, self-depreciating sites that makes you laugh despite yourself. He tells us of his "gypsy" childhood in a freak show and despite his less than advantageous station in life, he has achieved quite a bit. His is a licensed pilot and runs a non-profit organization called On Wings of Eagles Foundation

But I digress, his Earth To Dave (I think there is a double entendre in there, but I'm not sure) site is a hoot and is well worth a look to start your day off with a chuckle. It's all PG rated material that is worth bookmarking. Give him a look see, I guarantee you a laugh or two.

My rating for this site - 5 nyuks :)


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