Monday, January 29, 2007

Venture Blogalist

This is how the author, Rob Finn describes his blog. Ventureblogalist comments on technology and various industries from the viewpoint of an associate at Edison Venture Fund, an expansion stage venture firm. My firm invests in IT business solutions.

Ahh, but he sells himself short. I spent quite a bit of time boring into the meat and potatoes of Ventureblogalist and while more than a fair share of the posts are about venture capital (VC) issues and while that may, in fact be your cup of tea (I have to admit that some of it went way over my head), there is a good block of information about other applications that convey well to weblogging, e-commerce and more.

With almost a year's worth of posts under his belt here is the list of categories (with the number of posts in parentheses) on Ventureblogalist. This is good stuff!

Advertising (22)
Blogging (9)
Books (3)
Design (1)
ecommerce (8)
education (4)
Entrepreneurialism (8)
Environment (1)
ERP (1)
Feature-itis (5)
Fintech (3)
Gaming (4)
Google (5)
Government (2)
Ideas (10)
IP (4)
leadgen (1)
Management (2)
Marketing (9)
Media (8)
mobile (3)
Music (8)
news (1)
Noteworthy (6)
Opensource (2)
Pricing (5)
RSS (2)
search (4)
Services (4)
socialnetworking (2)
Software (22)
Storage (1)
Technology (5)
Telco (1)
Travel (1)
trends (1)
tv (1)
Uncategorized (10)
Venture Capital (18)
Web Applications (26)
webanalytics (2)
WineNdine (1)

This is also one of the most professional and well written anything that I've read in some time. This site is well worth your investment in time to look around and see something that may impact you, your investing or your business. It would be hard to come away from his blog without finding something of value. Great job Rob!

My rating for the site - 5 VC Nyuks :)


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