Friday, January 19, 2007

The Political Brawl Hall

The Political Brawl Hall

As its name implies this message board is a place to mix it up with your political opponents. If politics is your thing, then The Political Brawl Hall should be on your short list of bookmarked sites.

This place is not for the faint of heart. The board is, for the most part, unmoderated and therefore there is randy language from time to time. The owners of the board pretty much let their members mix it up and at times there are good old catfights with some bare knuckle brawling thrown in for good measure.

The Political Brawl Hall was established only six months ago as a phpBB message board, yet they have some fairly impressive numbers for such a new board. They boast 117 registered users with nearly 25,000 posts as of this writing.

While it seems that most of the 117 members lean towards the left, there are enough conservatives at the site to keep things interesting. And if you are coming to talk about politics make sure that you bring your lunch. If you start posting about something, with no facts to back up your opinions, you will be called on it and slapped with a wet noodle.

While politics is the meat and potatoes of the board, there are other sub forums that deal with issues from food to entertainment. These forums are much less heated than the political area, as one might expect. It's kind of hard to get worked up over a casserole. All in all, it seems that the owners have put together a nice little community with a bright future in a niche market.

My rating for this site - 5 nyuks :)


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