Thursday, January 18, 2007 at first glace seems to be just another rewards site. Do an offer, get points, collect enough points and you can order something from the site. However, upon further inspection is a notch above the run of the mill rewards site. They have been around only two months but are getting some decent traffic as evidenced by their Kickoff Sweepstakes in which they gave away a PlayStation2. There were almost 2,000 entries for the prize.

For starters, they not only offer rewards, but have drawings for prizes on a weekly and monthly basis. More prizes = more visitors. More visitors = more monetization. They also have the state of the art vBulletin forums where it seems that no topic is off limits. The owners seem to allow members to post with little moderation.

Then there is the rewards area where members can complete offers to gain points. Here is another little wrinkle that the site offers. When a member accumulates a certain amount of points, they have the option of using the points for the aforementioned weekly and monthly drawings of prizes or they can use the points to get cash via PayPal or Gift Certificates.

It seems the owners have a passion for the site. They have readily admitted in their forums that the site isn't working exactly like they would want. They do however seem dedicated to fixing some of the glitches that many new websites encounter.

All in all, is a place where you can win prizes, earn cash and socialize and depending on your multi-tasking abilities, simultaneously.

My rating for this site: 5 Nyuks :)


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