Thursday, January 18, 2007

If You Could See What I See, the blog

If You Could See What I See.

I came across this quaint and quirky little blog. It is an eclectic fling filled with personal experiences at fabulous restaurants and hotels such as The Biltmore Estate, Miss Molly's Tea Room, the restaurant at the Hotel Italo, Maracay, Venezuela and The Ritz in Paris, France.

This girl knows what she likes and her writing is extremely engrossing. Bringing me right into the main dining room of the Ritz as if I were a part of some extravagant dinner party, while I nosh on my escargot.

If You Could See What I See also has for the well heeled reader, a short review of the period piece movie Daniel Deronda, based on the novel by George Eliot. She's also had the pleasure of meeting Leonard Cohen and she comments on his movie Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man .

And on top of everything else, she is monetizing her site! A girl after my own heart. Nothing like doing what you like and getting paid to do so. But I must ask - "where the hell is your adsense ads?". ;-)

This blog is less than a month old and in my estimation is worth putting on your reading list. I can't wait to see what she sees next!

My rating for this site: 5 Nyuks :)


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