Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stirring The Pots

Stirring The Pots

I came across Stirring The Pots, expecting to find a Martha Stewart type blog of recipes and handy household tips on cleaning my toilet bowl using a concoction of stewed lemon rinds and water (this is an actual tip by the way, you may want to write this down - six lemon rinds (juices squeezed out) and four cups of water. Bring to a boil and let simmer for ten minutes. Let it cool, strain out the lemon rinds and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Works wonders as an all around household cleaner.) However much to my surprise what I found is someone who likes to play with double entendres.

While Stirring The Pots does have recipes on the blog (they look yummy) the owner has also posted her observations of life and her feelings on such matters as bitchy soccer moms and the death penalty. Hence the double entendre - Stirring The Pots.

I like the writer'r writing style and the recipes. She also has some links up on subjects that she appears passionate about. The only thing that I can fault the owner on is: not enough posts. Come on, we want some more of your recipes and your views on life!

Should the owner decide to put more time into this blog, I think it is very worthwhile to bookmark Stirring The Pots and check back and she what the author has to say.

My rating for this site 4.5 nyuks :) (I reserve the right to come back and give her a 5 if she adds more salacious content.)


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